LCRC Photos:


LCRC group picture from the LCRC Site Evaluation and Test
17 October 2015,
at the Jersey County  Hospital in Jerseyville, IL.


LCRC St. Louis Vertical Antenna Project Day
10 January 2015
At Lewis & Clark Community College, Godfrey, IL.




2014 LCRC Hamfest
26 April 2014
At Lewis & Clark Community College, Godfrey, IL.


2014 Extra Class Study Group that completed on March 27th 2014.

Congratulations to those who passed their exam on March 29th 2014.
We had a good time and shared some laughs as we progressed thru the material.

Standing Left to Right:
KC9JLH, Earnie -
Due to XYL�s  Illness, Earnie will complete at a later date
W9MXC, Larry - Instructor
N9WHH, Chris - Instructor

Seated  Left to Right:
KA9TOV, Dean, - Instructor
(Absent for Photo) 


Installation of New Antenna and Tower at the 145.130 sight @ St. Louis Regional Airport.

 You may note I'm doing my usual good job in the "supervisory position".
(Some times a  broken ankle's comes in handy, gets you out of the heavy work, but you get talked about a lot ). HA Ha

Thanks to Jack, KC9KY - Chris, N9WHH -  Dennis, WA9RD -  Bob, KC9USU  - Noel, KC9SGI.
Photo's by Bob, KC9USU

 The day we raised the tower (the following week) into position it was raining and most everyone got drenched.  Chris N9WHH, John N9FTA  and Jacques KN9O got the wettest, along with Dave K9RJL, Brian Airport Maintenance, Dennis WA9RD and myself W9MXC.  Linda stayed dry in my truck, smart gal.
Larry, W9MXC



2013 LCRC Bucket Brigade Members

Front Row ( L to R ) =  Bill, KC9TJY  -  Larry, W9MXC  -- Steve. N9MNF  --  Roger KB9PAI
Middle Row ( L to R )  = Dean, KA9TOV  -- Gregg, KB9ZVK  --  Earnie, KC9JLH  --  Chris, N9WHH -- Ron, KC9YIG  --   Dennis, WA9RD
Back Row ( L to R )  =  Gary, N8GIL  --  Keelan, KC9YIC  --  Stephen, KC9SYZ


2013 LCRC Ham Fest



2013 Tech Study Group Rap Up - 7 New Hams:

Danny Bunker New Tech KC9YIF
Dennis Corsa New Tech KC9YIK
Celeste French New Tech KC9YID
Greg Gilleland New General KC9YII
Kam Gilleland New Tech KC9YIH
Keelan Gillian New Tech KC9YIC
Ron Henerfouth New Tech KC9YIG

Instructors for the General Group Study are:
Dean Oehler - KA9TOV,
 Chris Holland - N9WHH,  Dennis Hutchins - WA9RD,  Larry Roberts - W9MXC 

Photo's by Bob, KC9USU


2012 LCRC Christmas Party
Julias in East Alton, IL.
14 December 2012





Mourtainzilla run at Pere Marquette State Park.
Saturday, 8 December 2012

45 F, cloudy & no wind... rather nice for this event!  
We've been there when its been a LOT colder and windy!   A GOOD time was had by all!
From John, N9FTA





2012 River Road Run
Participants are:
Net Control: N9WHH, Chris
Mobiles and Fixed Stations are: N9VFR, Dave - KB9PAI, Roger
W9MXC, Larry - N9FTA, John - N9KYQ, Shawn
KC9JZW, Jim - KC9WOJ, Jacque - WD9IVD
Dallas - KC9JLH, Earnie  & N9MNF, Steve.




2012 Halloween Parade




8 Sept 2012
K9HAM Special Event Station
Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the City of Alton Illinois.
1837 - 2012.
Located at Riverview Park overlooking the Mississippi River.





2012 LCRC Field Day




2012 LCRC Ham Fest




2011 River Road Run



2011 Extra Class




2011 Tech Class




2011 Hamfest




2011 LCRC Field Day




2010 Hospital-Drill AMH




2009 SkyWarn Class




2008 Bucket Brigade




2008 LCRC Hamfest




2007 Bucket Brigade




2004 Halloween Parade




2004 Tech Class




2004 Bucket Brigade




2003 Halloween Parade




2002 Halloween Parade




2001 Bucket Brigade




2000 Get Together at the Italia Restaurant




2000 Bucket Brigade




1999 Bucket Brigade




1987 Peoria Hamfest
This was our annual Trek for many LCRC Members to Peoria.

Lloyd Bishop N9CYY, Bill Preis K9KE, Larry Roberts W9MXC (in chair), Dewight Johnson KA9TOX,
Bob Onori N9CCK, Chuck Engdale K9CMO, Danny Engdale, Ed Wilson WD9GM,
Harold Elmore Ex KC9GL/N9HE, & Pop the Magic Dragon [A Blaze].





1987 LCRC Hamfest




Members Photos


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